I'm an operatic soprano in training with a mild Spider-Man obsession. I don't own anything here, just some comic screen caps and fan art I can't even dream of ever doing myself. Ever. If you want to see what else makes me tick, check out the rest of me. --Nicole. PS. Sometimes I get a little excited whilst reblogging and things that belong on my personal blog end up here. Pretty dresses look strange sandwiched between Spidey goodness.

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i can believe in aliens and hulks and humans flying and super-strength and never aging but i just can’t suspend my disbelief for norman osbourn’s hair.

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Marvel Team-Up #20 Wein, Buscema

Spidey decides that he can’t act too much like Peter Parker so, rather than comfort MJ, he gives her a stern lecture. “If I wasn’t so concerned about my public image, I would’ve let that ugly flatten you”, he says; “Now bug off, sister and stay out of the way.” A very freaked MJ mutters, “Y-y-yes, sir.” — SpiderFan.org


Ultimate Peter Parker by Mark Bagley


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Amazing Spider-Man #189

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— journey into mystery #649

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Amazing Spider-Man #188

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Amazing Spider-Man #188


Aunt May and Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spider-Man #151, 2010)

  • Art by Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor


Even Spider-Man uses…PROTECTION

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Spidey - Something FISHY is going on!!!!

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Amazing Spider-Man #188

Amazing Spider-Man #187



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Marcelo Trom  /  "Black Cat Designs"

Amazing Spider-Man #187